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​Village Vanguard limited album

Release on September 29th!

Contains live standard opening sound effects and unreleased new songs!
Furthermore, some songs have adopted new mixes, and all songs have been remastered!
A limited edition that is different from the existing albums and is coveted by fans!
​A special event will also be held!

Chocolate Box

Product number: VVV-0001
​Price: 1,650 yen (tax included)
​ Release date: 29th Sep.2023

recorded music
2. Dancing Hero
3.Kamome ga tondahi
4. Ikezuna yatsusa
5. Furui nikki
6.Friday Chinatown
7. Black Cat Swing
8. La La Love La ~ai no jumon~
9.Onnagokoro mystery
10. Mayonaka no Door ~ stay with me

​ *There are no plans to distribute this album.

Stores scheduled to be sold


wing bay otaru

Aeon Mall Sapporo Naebo

~Miyagi Prefecture~

Aeon Mall Natori

~Fukushima Prefecture~

Buch Koriyama

~Niigata Prefecture~

Niigata Billboard Place

~Tochigi Prefecture~

Aeon Mall Oyama


PLUS Aeon Lake Town mori


Shibuya main store


~Kanagawa Prefecture~

Yokohama Vivre

~Toyama Prefecture~


~Shizuoka Prefecture~

Aeon Town Fujiminami

Aeon Mall Fujinomiya

~Aichi prefecture~


​Aeon Mall Nagoya Chaya

Aeon Mall Odaka

~Osaka Prefecture~

Namba Parks

​~Hyogo Prefecture~

LaLaport Koshien

~Okayama Prefecture~

Aeon Mall Tsuyama

~Hiroshima Prefecture~

Youme Town Hatsukaichi

~Tokushima Prefecture~

Aeon Mall Tokushima

~Ehime Prefecture~

Aeon Mall Niihama


~Kumamoto Prefecture~

Aeon Mall Kumamoto

~Oita Prefecture~

Wasada Town

~Okinawa Prefecture~

Aeon Naha

Aeon Haebaru

San-A Gushikawa Main City

Urasoe Parco City

It is usually possible to order at stores that do not carry this product, so please contact each store.

​The number of items in stock varies depending on the store. The item may be out of stock.
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