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Deradera Official Fan Club“Hanazono x Club



Fan club"Hanazono x Club” is full of content!!


Videos exclusive to Fan Clubs, Each live house off-shot videos and Making videos,We are distributing many videos exclusive to FC members, and so on!


Live event tickets in various locations Pre-sale!
(Admission will be prior to general sale, and there may be benefits exclusive to FC members.)

Also FC Events exclusive to members​ Irregularly held!


Once a week Live streaming by members Implemented! The broadcasting members change weekly!

(May be absent depending on our physical condition or schedule.)


This is a blog that can only be read by members!

You can only see it here.Posting off shots, set list, etc!

A variety of other contents will be posted and distributed!

Hurray for the benefits only available to FC members!

Moreover Special benefits for long-term members too!?

Looking forward to!

[How to join]

Click the link below to go to the external site “Bitfan”

Click the "Register as a member" button

​Enter your membership fee payment method and join!

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